Thursday, December 28, 2017

#NotOK, A Movement to Empower Teen Girls to Stand up to Inappropriate Requests from Teen Boys!

Parents, do you know what your sons and daughters are up to on their phones?  If we’re being truly honest with ourselves, I think most of us would have to admit we do not.

Here’s why I ask.  Recently my daughter’s friend mentioned the common practice of middle-school and high-school boys asking girls to show their “stuff” via SnapChat.  Why SnapChat?  Supposedly, all photos immediately disappear after viewing, so it’s presumed there’s no way such pictures can ever be shared and become viral (however, there are exceptions to this... because it’s actually possible for someone to take a screenshot).  Regardless, it would appear these requests are so common that teenage girls have come to tolerate them as annoyances that are best avoided, but that will presumably never go away.  Chalk it up to that old mantra “Boys will be boys”.  When I asked my daughter and her friend how often this happens they told me it happens all the time.  When I asked them what they do about it, they both said, “We just say no".  Which leads me to the sad realization that girls don’t quite understand that they can, and should, be enraged by these requests.

When I told my daughter I thought she should respond with outrage and unfriend these boys, she explained that she wouldn’t have many friends left.  My immediate reaction, of course, was good riddance.  But we’re talking about young girls here; kids who are just doing their best to navigate the often confusing paths of friendships in an adolescent world where social media is the end all.  But when girls just turn a blind eye to such requests, they are inadvertently condoning this behavior.

Social media, as we know it today, did not even exist a few short years ago.  We as parents are in unchartered territory.  But more importantly, so are our impressionable children.  As parents, it’s our job to prepare our children for the situations they are facing now, and for those they will face moving forward as they merge into their adult lives.

First and foremost, I believe the message of respect is being neglected.  Shame on me . . . and shame on you.  All parents, mothers and fathers, should be having some very real conversations with our kids about respect.  The more we collectively accept the mantra “Boys will be boys” the more we condone this sort of behavior.  Boys should be taught to respect girls enough to know that asking a girl to “show her stuff” is wrong on so many levels.  And girls should be taught to respect themselves enough to be outraged by such requests.

This situation brings to mind the onslaught of recent headlines in which women are finally coming forward with #MeToo, the hashtag which has recently gone viral.  When I contemplate why #MeToo took off so quickly I realize there’s strength in numbers.  --But taking that one step further, there’s power in the hashtag.  Sadly though, the #MeToo movement came far too late to protect anyone when it was most needed.  How much better would the #MeToo movement have been had it proactively eradicate the atrocities before they ever occurred?

I would like to propose a new hashtag, one that will help boys realize it’s Not OK to ask inappropriate things of girls simply because they think nobody is watching.  It’s my hope that #NotOK will provide girls with a message of empowerment that teaches them to respect themselves enough to say it’s Not OK for boys to ask.  I hope this post goes viral.  I hope every parent takes this to heart.  And I hope that every parent of a young man or woman has a talk with their kids about respecting themselves and others.

Above all, my goal is to arm my daughter and every other young person out there with the tools to fight back with a resounding message that it’s #NotOK.  -- #Not OK to ask girls to share inappropriate pictures,  #NotOK to blatantly disrespect others, and #NotOK for kids to display a total disregard for those in their contact list simply because they mistakenly believe they can hide behind the anonymity of social media!


Dianna Young is the author of Muted Grey, the multi-award winning novella, and a national public speaker.  To learn more about Dianna Young, or to contact her, visit her website.

Monday, February 9, 2015

BOGO, Muted Grey, The Award-Winning Novella by Dianna Young

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Authors from around the globe were honored at the Readers Favorite Book Awards in Miami, Florida

Authors from around the globe were honored at the Readers Favorite Book Awards Ceremony this week.  The event took place at the Regency Hotel, Miami, FL in conjunction with the Miami Book Fair International.  I had the opportunity to meet with fellow authors from within the United States, as well as from England, Switzerland, and Australia.

What an honor it was to meet Paul Michael Glaser.  P.M. Glaser is now a young-adult book author in addition to being a highly esteemed and world-renowned actor.

A special thanks to Readers Favorites for honoring Muted Grey in the Fiction Drama Category.  And heartfelt thanks to all the other award-winning authors who helped make the event a memorable experience.  I am deeply honored to be included in such esteemed company.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Muted Grey Earns 2012 World Book Award for Best Literary Fiction

2012 World Book Award Winners Announced

Twelve spectacular books have been chosen to receive top honours at the 2012 World Book Awards.

The World Book Awards Selection Committee has announced the winners of the 2012 World Book Awards. Though this year's competition received a record number of entries, just twelve masterworks have been chosen to receive top honours in the 2012 competition.

Below is a list of the winning books in each category:

Best Non-Fiction Book: Adequate Wisdom: Essays on the Nature of Existence: A Layman's Observations of Life & the Cosmos by Ronald P. Smolin

Best General Fiction Book: Paybacks: A Tale of Ponzi Schemes and Families by Jim Flinchum

Best Current Events - Sociopolitical Book: Apple For President! by William Keiper

Best Addiction & Recovery Book: Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving From Pain to Power by Mal Duane

Best Self-Help & Motivational Book: LIFE Expectancy: It's Never Too Late To Change Your Game by William Keiper

Best Spirituality & Inspirational Book: Encouragement for Life Storms by LaTasha Nichole Cornish

Best True Crime Book: Top Cases of the FBI by RJ Parker

Best Business Motivational Book: LIFE Expectancy: It's Never Too Late To Change Your Game by William Keiper

Best Literary Fiction Book: Muted Grey by Dianna L. Young

Best Environment - Political/Social Book: Apple For President! by William Keiper

Best Children's Picture Book: Classroom Times: Charactoons and Rhymes By Dr. Donald R. Stoltz

Best Religion - Christianity Book: God Light: Sunlight, Sonlight by Robert Lloyd Russell

Links to purchase all award-winning books can be found at

The World Book Awards Selection Committee congratulates all twelve award winners and looks forward to the 2013 World Book Awards competition.

The World Book Awards were established in order to celebrate literary excellence in every genre of the printed word. By honoring these talented and unique authors for their efforts, we hope to inspire future generations of authors to share their stories.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Muted Grey Earns Recognition through National Indie Excellence Awards

Author Receives Recognition Through National Indie Excellence Awards

Rapid City, SD--  The Sixth Annual National Indie Excellence Awards has recognized the novella, Muted Grey, written by Dianna Young, as a finalist in two categories: Literary Fiction and Cover Design.  This national award, based in Los Angeles, CA is open to all English language books including small presses, university presses, independent publishers and self-published authors. Works published in 2009, 2010 and 2011 were eligible for consideration.
In the most competitive climate yet, independently published books vied for top honors in the 6th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards.
The competition is judged by independent experts from all aspects of the indie book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. They select award winners and finalists based on overall excellence of presentation.
 “We congratulate each and every author recognized this year. The quality of independently published books has taken a quantum leap, and independent publishers truly have come of age. We appreciate you, we applaud you and thank you for your great work,” said Ellen Ried, President of the National Indie Excellence Book Awards.
Dianna L. Young, award winning author and public speaker, has served in various aspects of publishing for nearly twenty years. After working in the industry for a number of years, she went on to become the founder of a local mid-western newspaper before starting two successful regional magazines for which she served as editor and publisher.
Ms. Young resides in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota along with her husband and the youngest of their four children.  Muted Grey is her first published novel.
For a complete list of Winners and Finalists visit :.
For more information about Muted Grey, please visit

Friday, May 4, 2012

Author Dianna Young Interview with Character Building Counts

Book Encourages Readers to Open Their Minds to Grey Areas

Diana L. Young, author of Muted Grey—a CBC Book Award submission—shares her interview with Character Building Counts Book Awards. She talks about her inspiration for her work and her hope that readers will look at a difficult and controversial topic with open minds and hearts.
1. Describe your book’s character-building message.
Muted Grey was written to help shed light on a subject that has plagued our nation for years. Its topic was once considered a black-and-white issue, but over time, the lines have become blurred. Part of what makes Muted Grey such a powerful read is its element of surprise. For that reason, I hesitate to divulge the nature of the content, as I believe that would ruin the effect of the message for readers. Muted Grey has been well received, even by those individuals who might have previously claimed to be on the opposite side of the proverbial fence as it pertains to the subject at hand.
2. What inspired you to share that message with your readers?
I had already written two books, one a children’s book published under a pen name, and the other a novel, which is currently under contract with an agent. Both books were secular in nature, and I felt as though I should be using my talent to provide more than entertainment value. I sent a prayer for inspiration. It wasn’t long afterward that the idea for Muted Grey popped into my head.
3. Describe your target audience?
Muted Grey appeals primarily to women. However, I have also received excellent reviews from men as well as from young adult readers.
4. How would you like your message to impact them?
I would be naïve to believe that everyone who reads my book will change their beliefs. But I do hope Muted Grey helps people take a closer look at this subject, and that, with an open mind, they might consider a different point of view.
5. What have you learned about yourself through the publishing process?
Muted Grey is my second published book, so the process is not so new to me. But one thing I have learned is that the publishing process takes time—lots of it!
6. What is your goal as a writer?
I believe we all have talents and gifts that are meant to be shared. If in some small way I can make a positive change in the world through my writing, I believe my gift will not have been wasted.
7. How will your book award help you achieve that goal?
There are so many books on the market today. With people’s lives becoming more and more hectic, choosing which books to read within limited free time can be quite challenging. A reliable and trusted source offering recommendation can make all the difference. The recognition earned through CBC Book Awards can give my book an added boost. And the more people who read Muted Grey, the more opportunities I have to get this important message out to the public.
Nesta Aharoni,, Character Building Counts!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Competition Has Begun For The 2012 World Book Awards


Apr 17, 2012 -
Many authors from around the world have submitted their works for consideration in over 70 literary categories as part of the 2012 World Book Awards competition.

Entries into this year’s competition include “Muted Grey” by Dianna Young, “Alpha Chick: Five Steps For Moving From Pain To Power” by Mal Duane, and “Encouragement for Life Storms” by LaTasha Nichole Cornish.

Last year’s World Book Awards were an enormous success, with many new authors achieving acclaim for their groundbreaking works. However, only two books were awarded the prestigious Gold Award for literary excellence.

The World Book Awards Selection Committee chose “The Woman at the Well” by Ann Chamberlin and “One Precious Pearl: God’s Design for His Church” by Robert Lloyd Russell to receive the prestigious Gold Award.

The winners and nominees for the 2012 World Book Awards will receive many opportunities for worldwide acclaim and publicity. Each entry is guaranteed a listing as a nominee on the World Book Awards Web site (valued at $2,000.00 USD) which includes a color book cover, a brief paragraph about the title and a hyperlink to the author’s Web site. The World Book Awards is proud to provide such extraordinary publicity coverage for books in anticipation of the busy 2012 holiday season.

Books published in 2012 or 2011 with an ISBN number are eligible to enter the competition before the October 1, 2011 deadline.

World Book Awards winners and nominees will have the right to highlight their award on their book covers, Web sites, and marketing materials.

Entry information and full rules and regulations are available at the official World Book Awards Web site at

# # #

The World Book Awards were established in order to celebrate literary excellence in every genre of the printed word. By honoring these talented and unique authors for their efforts, we hope to inspire future generations of authors to share their stories.

--- end ---