Friday, May 4, 2012

Author Dianna Young Interview with Character Building Counts

Book Encourages Readers to Open Their Minds to Grey Areas

Diana L. Young, author of Muted Grey—a CBC Book Award submission—shares her interview with Character Building Counts Book Awards. She talks about her inspiration for her work and her hope that readers will look at a difficult and controversial topic with open minds and hearts.
1. Describe your book’s character-building message.
Muted Grey was written to help shed light on a subject that has plagued our nation for years. Its topic was once considered a black-and-white issue, but over time, the lines have become blurred. Part of what makes Muted Grey such a powerful read is its element of surprise. For that reason, I hesitate to divulge the nature of the content, as I believe that would ruin the effect of the message for readers. Muted Grey has been well received, even by those individuals who might have previously claimed to be on the opposite side of the proverbial fence as it pertains to the subject at hand.
2. What inspired you to share that message with your readers?
I had already written two books, one a children’s book published under a pen name, and the other a novel, which is currently under contract with an agent. Both books were secular in nature, and I felt as though I should be using my talent to provide more than entertainment value. I sent a prayer for inspiration. It wasn’t long afterward that the idea for Muted Grey popped into my head.
3. Describe your target audience?
Muted Grey appeals primarily to women. However, I have also received excellent reviews from men as well as from young adult readers.
4. How would you like your message to impact them?
I would be naïve to believe that everyone who reads my book will change their beliefs. But I do hope Muted Grey helps people take a closer look at this subject, and that, with an open mind, they might consider a different point of view.
5. What have you learned about yourself through the publishing process?
Muted Grey is my second published book, so the process is not so new to me. But one thing I have learned is that the publishing process takes time—lots of it!
6. What is your goal as a writer?
I believe we all have talents and gifts that are meant to be shared. If in some small way I can make a positive change in the world through my writing, I believe my gift will not have been wasted.
7. How will your book award help you achieve that goal?
There are so many books on the market today. With people’s lives becoming more and more hectic, choosing which books to read within limited free time can be quite challenging. A reliable and trusted source offering recommendation can make all the difference. The recognition earned through CBC Book Awards can give my book an added boost. And the more people who read Muted Grey, the more opportunities I have to get this important message out to the public.
Nesta Aharoni,, Character Building Counts!

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