Friday, April 20, 2012

Competition Has Begun For The 2012 World Book Awards


Apr 17, 2012 -
Many authors from around the world have submitted their works for consideration in over 70 literary categories as part of the 2012 World Book Awards competition.

Entries into this year’s competition include “Muted Grey” by Dianna Young, “Alpha Chick: Five Steps For Moving From Pain To Power” by Mal Duane, and “Encouragement for Life Storms” by LaTasha Nichole Cornish.

Last year’s World Book Awards were an enormous success, with many new authors achieving acclaim for their groundbreaking works. However, only two books were awarded the prestigious Gold Award for literary excellence.

The World Book Awards Selection Committee chose “The Woman at the Well” by Ann Chamberlin and “One Precious Pearl: God’s Design for His Church” by Robert Lloyd Russell to receive the prestigious Gold Award.

The winners and nominees for the 2012 World Book Awards will receive many opportunities for worldwide acclaim and publicity. Each entry is guaranteed a listing as a nominee on the World Book Awards Web site (valued at $2,000.00 USD) which includes a color book cover, a brief paragraph about the title and a hyperlink to the author’s Web site. The World Book Awards is proud to provide such extraordinary publicity coverage for books in anticipation of the busy 2012 holiday season.

Books published in 2012 or 2011 with an ISBN number are eligible to enter the competition before the October 1, 2011 deadline.

World Book Awards winners and nominees will have the right to highlight their award on their book covers, Web sites, and marketing materials.

Entry information and full rules and regulations are available at the official World Book Awards Web site at

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The World Book Awards were established in order to celebrate literary excellence in every genre of the printed word. By honoring these talented and unique authors for their efforts, we hope to inspire future generations of authors to share their stories.

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