Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recommended Reading: John Michael Hileman's Messages

Hello friends, I'd like to take a moment to recommend a book which I recently had the opportunity to read.

Brilliantly crafted, and superbly written, Messages is the story of a man who begins to find hidden messages within ordinary, every-day snippets of writing . . . billboards, magazines, and various other forms of the written word. As he tentatively tests his ability to reveal truths, he comes to question the source of these messages. Is it a recently deceased relative? Could it be a latent psychic ability? - Or might it be God? As he struggles with his fears and doubts, he becomes embroiled in a high energy race against time to save the president of the United States from being assassinated.

Messages, by John Michael Hileman, is one of the most suspenseful books I've come across in a long time. --I literally couldn't put it down! From the very first page, I was swept away. The characters are well developed, the plot is masterfully woven and the subject is entirely fresh.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Muted Grey receives its first review... see below

I was gripped onto this novella from the very first page. A heartbreaking tale which had me crying without shame with a box full of tissues. A real tear jerker! I wish it was longer, the book finished too quickly for me. A brilliant read which explores a heart wrenching and shameful issue in our society that has now become a normality. This book really hits the nail!! I recommend everyone to read it.

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